How It Works


What is LocalMasters?

LocalMasters is an online coaching platform for students who are looking to thrive and enrich their minds with new skills that deliver results in work environments. Whether that is to enhance performance or further your career, we are the go to platform for creating results.

What type of communities are available in LocalMasters?

LocalMasters has a variety of communities that you can join to develop skills and interact with other members. The communities are made up of industry professionals with rich knowledge and individuals seeking guidance to develop skills. This includes Sales Professionals, Customer Service Experts, Marketing Pros, Engineers, Executive Assistants, and many more. You can visit our communities section to learn more.

How do I join these communities?

All you have to do to join a community is sign up for an account It is free to join. Simply enter your information, browse the communities section, and hit the join button. It’s simple!

Who can join the communities?

Any LocalMasters member can join these communities. You do not have to be a part of the profession to interact within the community. You can join and interact with folks that might have another profession. With more socializing, you’ll have a broader understanding of how other people work in their professions.


Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some common questions about LocalMasters.

It’s free to join LocalMasters! All you have to do is sign up for an account here and you'll be well on your way to developing the desired skills. Make sure to fill out the correct information so we can stay in contact and share updates on upcoming events or alerts.

You can watch our videos recorded by our subject matter experts for free and develop skills learnings at your own pace. Please visit our library and click on the course you want to learn.

No. The videos are available for free. Sign up for an account here and browse our library.

Simply head over to your dashboard and pick out a course that you'd like to learn. From there, you can schedule a coaching session with your choice of GM.

You can choose a time to take a coaching session through the calendar on your dashboard. It will show you all the time slots available.

You can go to your dashboard to delete your account. Simple as that.

We offer our course videos, communities, and learning materials for free! Coaching session costs will be dependent on the course itself. You can find the costs after you have selected a time with our GMs in your calendar.

LocalMasters provides a job board where you can browse through some of the roles that our partners are offering in their organization. There will be a variety of roles available on top of focused job interviews which will have some exclusive features with LocalMasters.

Once you have finished reaching the milestones and courses, you will receive awards and certifications through LocalMasters. You can mention the achievement of certification in your resumes and share the certification with professional recruiters to show that you have mastered certain skills and traits.


How do I receive my coaching?

LocalMasters offers an arsenal of talented subject matter experts who are ready to help you learn and enhance your skill sets. You can watch their videos or take personal coaching lessons. This is dependent on your learning style and abilities.

What is a trusted advisor?

Trusted advisors are experts in their field of work who are available to provide mentorship and guidance within the communities section. They will offer advice and check over your work to make sure you are gaining the knowledge and experience you need to succeed at your place of work/future career.

How do these coaches prepare me for my new job or current career?

They provide extensive support and guidance that will be personalized to meet your needs when you enroll in the personal coaching sessions. The GM will help you understand the techniques you need to learn and how you can become better at what you do through their rich experience as well.

Can I talk with the coaches ahead of taking a coaching session?

Yes! Simply login to your profile and access the chat feature to get in touch with a coach of your choosing.

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